The municipality of Ramsau b. Berchtesgaden is situated in the southeasternmost tip of Germany, the so called Berchtesgadener Land, close to the boarder to Austria. The lowest point of the municipality is at 630 m above sea level, but reaches high up into the alpine regions (highest point 2.713 m above sea level).

Ramsau has in total 1.800 inhabitants, which makes it one of the smalles municipalities of the administrative region. In total the municipality has a surface of about 130 km², of which roughly two thirds are located within the boundaries of the National Parc “Berchtesgadener Alpen”. Established in 1987 this is the only national parc in the German Alps. Its main purpose is to protect this unique alpine landscape, environment and its habitats. Further, of course, the National Parc offers a lot to its visitors: roughly 250 km of well maintained trails offer almost unlimited possibilities to experience the Alps. And here it does not matter if you are looking for alpine climbs, scrambles to the highest peaks, long ridge traverses or just a stroll along the river, a hike with your family to one of the mountain huts or a bike ride into one of the long valleys. Find out more here: (

Basic Information of Ramsau

Highest point: Watzmann (2.713 m)
Resident population in the municipality: about 1.800 people


  • Ramsau

Mountain Ranges

  • Berchtesgadener Alpen
  • Watzmann
  • Hochkalter
  • Reiteralm
  • Lattengebirge

Important Peaks

  • Watzmann Mittelspitze (2,713 m)
  • Watzmann Südspitze (2,712 m)
  • Hochkalter (2,607 m)
  • Blaueisspitze (2,481 m)
  • Hocheisspitze (2,523 m)
  • Kammerlinghorn (2,484 m)
  • Stadelhorn (2,286 m)
  • Schärtenspitze (2,153 m)

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