Press release October 2nd, 2019

Slovenia has a new mountaineering village: Luče

On September 28th 2019, the Slovenian village of Luče has joined the international network of Mountaineering Villages, an initiative by the Alpine Associations. Luče wins its visitors over not only with spectacular mountaineering experiences, like hiking Ojstrica or Raduha, but also with its local culture and landscapes. After Jezersko has joined the mountaineering Villages in 2018, Luče is Slovenia’s second mountaineering village.

Luče is a typical alpine village at the confluence of the rivers Savinja and Lučnica in the upper part of the Savinja Valley. It is the centre of the eponymous municipality, nestled into nearly 110 square kilometres of hills and mountains of the eastern part of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

Luče is an excellent starting point for hiking trips, mountain tours, and mountain biking. At the north of the village, mountaineers are drawn to the Raduha Mountain, which is one of the most frequently visited surrounding peaks. It is known for its diverse alpine vegetation and offers a sweeping view due to its remote location. Several marked paths of different degrees of complexity lead to Raduha. In the winter, you can enjoy a beautiful experience in backcountry skiing from this peak with its 2,062 metres to the sunny Loka plane with its mountain hut.

Situated at an altitude of 1,556 metres at the southwestern slope of Raduha you find the Snow Cave (Snežna jama), the highest touristic cave in Slovenia. The cave is known for the eternal ice found in the Ice Hall (Ledena dvorana) at the entrance of the cave, as well as for the large quantities of moon milk (malgonite) and a rich tapestry of speleothems. Experienced cavers will take you on a guided tour of the cave during the summer months.

On the western side of Luče, you can admire the Dleskovška planota, a highland Karstic plane stretching between the valleys of Lučka Bela, Podvolovljek and Robanov kot. Immediately after people settled into these places, they developed the activity of mountain grazing which has survived into the present. The plane is known for its easily accessible hilltops reaching up to 2,000 metres. Due to the many possibilities for skiing that Dleskovška planota has to offer, it is increasingly gaining popularity among backcountry skiers.

The southern part of the Luče municipality is closed with a wooded mountain ridge and its tallest mountain Rogatec with its 1,557 metres. From this ridge, you can admire the most astonishing panoramic views of the entire ridge of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. At the foothill of the Rogatec Mountain, you will find an interesting three-tier waterfall called Cuc, where it is also possible to go canyoning. In addition to numerous hiking trails, the immediate surroundings of the village also offer several easier walking routes and footpaths adapted to less experienced hikers. The rugged terrain, riddled with woodland tracks and dirt roads, is perfect for slightly more complex mountainbiking experiences.

You can also enjoy numerous water experiences: The Savinja River is one of the most beautiful Slovenian rivers, mostly attractive for fans of fly-fishing. The extremely pronounced alpine character upstream provides a perfect backdrop for rafting or kayaking, while simultaneously allowing you to cool off and take a swim during the summer.

In favourable snow conditions, Luče offers you the possibility of different winter recreation activities. The highlands provide ideal conditions for winter hiking and backcountry skiing. In the valley, you can also enjoy skiing on a smaller slope with a ski tow, and even come back at night to go night skiing. A shorter cross-country skiing track is located next to the slope. In an interesting range of different accommodation possibilities, you are sure to find something for all tastes.

An important part of the tourist offer is the local cuisine, mainly based on homemade rustic dishes made from cereals and milk, as well as different charcuterie product. Best known is the Upper Savinja Valley stomach sausage with a protected geographical indication. You are warmly welcome!