It is impossible to separate Reichenau and the Rax mountain range from Austrian cultural and Alpine history. Ever since the 19th century, the town has been a favourite summer retreat for the residents of Vienna. In addition to the nobility and the wealthy middle classes, painters, writers, musicians and actors have met here to socialise and find inspiration. Oskar Kokoschka, Adalbert Schnitzler, Alma Mahler, Franz Werfel, and Robert Musil, to name but a few, regularly spent the summer in the Rax area. Just as illustrious is the list of well-known Alpine pioneers: Eugen Guido Lammer, Otto and Emil Zsigmondy, Fritz Schmid, Karl Prusik.

Today, Reichenau an der Rax offers an extensive cultural programme with its own festivals. It continues to be a health spa and, with the Rax and the Schneeberg, can boast extensive mountain ranges in the immediate vicinity, all of which are an irresistible draw for hikers.

General information

Height above sea level of the main settlement: 484m (Reichenau)
Highest point: 2,076m (Schneeberg)
Resident population in the municipality: 2,628

Villages & Hamlets

  • Reichenau an der Rax
  • Edlach
  • Hirschwang
  • Prein
  • Dörfl

Mountain ranges

  • Rax
  • Schneeberg

Main peaks

  • Heukuppe (2,007m)
  • Preiner Wand (1,783m)
  • Klosterwappen (2,076m)
  • Krummbachstein (1,602m)