I will accompany you to the mountains and their summits with joy in my heart and my mental backpack. I offer hikes through the Venosta Velley (Specially the Matschertal), as well as guided mountain and hut tours. Let’s experience together the unique mountain scenery from a new perspective.

Your hiking tour will be more than just reaching the destination. It will also be about relaxing, reflecting, growing personally, recharging your batteries and extending your knowledge of local fauna, flora, culture, customs and history.

Escape your everyday life emerging in the fascinating world of the mountains and find yourself on our way. Your body will be in motion, but your mind can rest and enjoy mystical places, mountain lakes and summits.

Hiking with all senses

Use all your senses on our hike, feeling the blades of grass or the cold spring water with your hands, listening the sounds of nature, smelling the scent of mountain herbs and pine cones. Step by step, focusing on our breath, taking time for a talk, we will reach our destination without rushing. Boosted self-confidence and an overwhelming view form the summit after the effort, as well as alpine delights in the huts will make the tour an unforgettable experience.

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Qualified hiking guide & mental coach

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