The Mountaineering Villages initiative originally came from the Alpine clubs and goes back to a project started by the Austrian Alpine Association. With the help of the Ministry for an Austria Worth Living In (BMLFUW) and grants from the European Fund for Rural Development (2007-2013 and 2014-2020), the Mountaineering Villages have been able to establish themselves locally and in the public’s mind as a visible, implementation project as defined by the Alpine Convention.

Thanks to a European and Alpine-wide collaboration, involving neighbouring Alpine Associations in Germany, South Tyrol, Slovenia and Italy, the Mountaineering Villages outside Austria have won awards.
The aim of the Mountaineering Villages platform, through the distinctive outdoor sports and recreational activities offered in the various villages, from hamlets and municipalities to entire valleys, is to address the target group of Alpine sports enthusiasts and nature lovers and also support any local added value, but not at the expense of the natural world and the environment.

Information about the initiative and the individual villages can be found here on our website as well as in our high-quality publications.

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