When you visit Steinberg for the first time, you simply cannot believe it: how such a jewel can be perched so well hidden above Lake Achensee without being swamped by crowds of people? But the inhabitants of this Tyrolean mountain village know about the treasure they own and how to keep their “most beautiful end of the world” worth living in for future generations.

The scenic landscape gladdnes one’s soul, but offers also various acitvities for the body. At the dawn of alpinism, well known climbers were on the move at the Rofan moutains and made their first ascents in the “Rose Garden of North Tyrol”. The mountaineering village of Steinberg am Rofan is simply wonderful and invites you to explore it extensively!

General information

Height above sea level of Steinberg am Rofan: 1.015 m
Highest point: Hochiss (2.299 m)
Resident population: appr. 300 inhabitants


  • Vordersteinberg
  • Außersteinberg
  • Hintersteinberg

Mountain Ranges

  • Brandenberger Alps
  • Rofangebirge

Main peaks

  • Guffert (2.194 m)
  • Vorderunnütz (2.078 m)
  • Hochunnütz (2.075 m)
  • Hinterunnütz (2.007 m)
  • Kotalmjoch (2.122 m)
  • Spieljoch (2.236 m)
  • Sagzahn (2.228 m)
  • Stuhljöchl (2.157 m)
  • Stuhlböcklkopf (2.169 m)
  • Hochiss (2.299 m)
  • Seekarlspitze (2.261 m)
  • Roßkopf (2.257 m)
  • Rofanspitze (2.259 m)