Crissolo and Monviso are closely linked to the history of alpinism in Piedmont. The idea of an Italian Alpine Club was born on the slopes of this mountain. It is therefore hardly surprising that mountain guiding in particular has left a unique mark on this municipality.

Crissolo is characterised by vast mountain landscapes, traditional stone buildings, a lively alpine history and tradition, and a UNESCO World Heritage cross-border protected area.

General Information

Height above sea level of Villa: 1.333 m
Highelst point: Monviso (3.841 m)
Resident population: 156 inhabitants (Dec. 2021)


  • Villa
  • Bertolini
  • Borgo
  • Brich
  • Fenogli
  • Sagne
  • Serre
  • Serre Uberto

Mountain Ranges

  • Cottian Alps

Main Peaks

  • Monviso (3.841 m)
  • Visolotto (3.348 m)
  • Punta Barraco (3.237 m)
  • Punta Gastaldi (3.214 m)
  • Monte Granero (3.171 m)
  • Roce Fourioun (3.153 m)
  • Punta Venezia (3.095 m)
  • Punta Roma (3.070 m)
  • Punta Udine (3.022 m)