A mountain holiday in the Mountaineering Villages

The holiday activities in the Mountaineering Villages are as varied as the places themselves. But all Mountaineering Villages have one thing in common – they are committed to sustainable Alpine tourism. The history of these villages was shaped by early Alpine tourism and this tradition is still evident today.

Stimulation without the hustle and bustle, a lively atmosphere without all the noise, intimacy but with respect, enjoyment with no worries, independent mobility – these phrases encapsulate the notion of a relaxing holiday in the Mountaineering Villages.

Active on the mountain in Mountaineering Villages

In the Mountaineering Villages guests can devote their time to all types of mountain sports.
In the summer, the offering can range from simple hikes to mountain tours, Alpine climbing trails and demanding high-altitude tours. In addition, there are several newly-built via ferratas and attractive sports climbing zones. In the winter, as well as classic ski touring, there are numerous opportunities for snowshoe hikes of all degrees of difficulty. Other activities in many Mountaineering Villages include ice climbing, cross-country skiing or ice-skating.

Quite a few of the villages have become specialists in a particular field. The Mountaineering Village of Malta, for example, is well known as a mecca for ice climbers, the Villgratental valley is a top destination for ski tourers, Steinbach am Attersee can offer many interesting opportunities for combining mountain sports and water sports.

Novices can take part in training courses to learn the basics of mountaineering or go on tour with a mountain or hiking guide. But even nature lovers without ambitious sporting aims can fully experience the Alpine world in the Mountaineering Villages. Many natural gems are easily accessible at the end of the valley, such as the idyllic Almsee lake in Grünau im Almtal.

The Mountaineering Villages offer something for every mountain enthusiast – from easy family strolls to demanding ascents of Austria’s highest peaks.

Summer in the mountains

From leisurely hiking in the mountains to sport climbing

The summer activities on offer in Austria’s Mountaineering Villages are many and varied. The starting point for a carefree mountain holiday is an excellent Alpine infrastructure: well-signposted and properly maintained hiking trails and paths as well as numerous refuges belonging to the Alpine associations and managed Alpine pasture huts. These are in place to ensure guests are treated to an unforgettable mountain experience.

But at the same time, a responsible and environmentally-aware attitude is always a priority. Knowledgeable contacts at the location are always happy to advise and indicate the best tours.

Active mountain holidays in summer:

Winter in the mountains

Winter holidays in the mountains

Well away from the hustle and bustle of the large ski areas, guests in the Mountaineering Villages can appreciate the snowy winter scenery through a variety of winter sports activities. It could be a leisurely snowshoe hike, a cross-country skiing excursion or a demanding ski tour, ice climbing or ice-skating with the whole family – the Mountaineering Villages offer a wide range of winter sports activities.

There are wide range of courses available to beginners, so they can make their first steps with snowshoes, accomplish their first turn with touring skiers in the snow. Advanced mountain climbers can even expand their understanding of avalanches.