A crossing of the Alps, the Venter Runde circuit, the Via Alpina as well as the Wildspitze, the Weisskugel and the Similaun, not forgetting Ötzi, the ice man, the list of top attractions associated with Vent could go on for ever. The fact is that mountain climbers in the Ötztal Alps around Vent can explore unspoilt mountain landscapes, glaciated peaks and hiking routes of all kinds … and not just in summer!

Vent can rightly be described as a classic among Mountaineering Villages. It was here where the glacier priest, Franz Senn, laid the groundwork for modern Alpine tourism by showing how it can improve the rather bleak lives of the local people. His ideas led to the foundation of the German Alpine Club and later on the opening up of the Alps.

General information

Height above sea level of Vent: 1,895m
Highest point: 3,774m (Wildspitze)
Resident population in the hamlet: 215


  • Vent
  • Rofen

Mountain range

  • Ötztaler Alpen

Main peaks

  • Wildspitze (3,774m)
  • Similaun (3,606m)
  • Gr. Ramolkogel (3,549m)
  • Fluchtkogel (3,500m)