Balme - „Montagna vera“

At 1,500 m above sea level lies Balme – against the backdrop of those peaks that link Italy and France. This village of about a hundred inhabitants has a centuries-old alpine culture that is still alive in the local customs and cuisine of the valley. It can be discovered through trekking, rock or ice climbing, cross-country skiing, ski tours and alpine ascents to over 3,000 m.

General information

Height above sea level of Balme: 1.432 m
Highest point: 3.676 m (Uia di Ciamarella)
Resident population in the municipality: 112 inhabitants (2019)


  • Balme (Barmes)
  • Bogone (Bougoùn)
  • Chialambertetto (Tchabartät)
  • Cornetti (Li Cournät)
  • I Frè (Li Frè)
  • Molera (La Mouléri)
  • Molette (Al Moulättes)
  • Pian della Mussa (La Mussa)
  • Villaggio Albaron (Pian at Bàrmes)

Mountain Ranges

  • Graian Alps
  • Ciamarella group

Main Peaks

  • Uia di Ciamarella (3.676 m)
  • Uia di Bessanese (3.604 m)
  • Punta Albaron di Sea (3.262 m)
  • Punta del Crot (3.211 m)
  • Uia di Mondrone (2.910 m)
  • Punta della Sarda (2.389 m)