The Valley of Cascading Waters – that is the description that always comes to mind whenever mention is made of Malta. Here countless waterfalls plunge impressively over steep cliffs down to the valley floor. In the summer it’s a scene of admiring faces, whereas in winter it becomes an irresistible challenge for ice climbers. Malta’s principal attractions in the summer are its compact rock, numerous hiking trails, a family-friendly cycleway alongside the River Malta as far as the artists’ town of Gmünd and beyond.

Malta shares with the Mountaineering Village of Mallnitz the two highest mountains in the Ankogel group, namely the Ankogel and the Hochalmspitze. On account of its symmetrical shape and beauty, the latter is often reverently described as the Queen of the Tauern mountains.

General information

Height above sea level of Malta: 843m
Highest point: 3,360 m (Hochalmspitze)
Resident population in the municipality: 2,088

Villages & Hamlets

  • Malta
  • Dornbach
  • Fischertratten
  • Hilpersdorf
  • Saps
  • Brochendorf
  • Gries
  • Schlatzing
  • Feistritz
  • Koschach
  • Brandstatt
  • Maltaberg

Mountain ranges

Hohe Tauern:

  • Ankogelgruppe
  • und Reisseckgruppe

Main peaks

  • Hochalmspitze (3,360m)
  • Ankogel (3,252m)
  • Schneewinkelspitze (3,015m)
  • Oberlercherspitze (3,106m)
  • Hafner (3,076m)
  • Reitereck (2,790m)