Located on a mountain pass that was used in Roman times, Mauthen has always been a cultural crossroads. Today the enduring nature of this intersection manifests itself in the form of a very varied culinary offering, a “multi-cultural” programme, plus a brisk and friendly interaction with its Italian neighbours. Mountain sports in the border region have their own special charm: a platter of Austrian cold cuts in a mountain hut on one side of the border and shortly after an espresso on the Italian side.

Hardly any other Mountaineering Village offers so many Alpine sports activities in such a small area and they are suitable for all skill levels and cover all difficulty levels. All of the above are complemented by the Gailtalradweg cycleway, which leads from Mauthen to Villach and then there is also the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in either of the two lakes nearby, the Pressegersee and the Weissensee.

General information

Height above sea level of Mauthen: 710m
Highest point: 2,780m (Hohe Warte)
Resident population in the Hamlet: 745 in Mauthen

Villages & Hamlets

  • Kötschach
  • Mauthen
  • Würmlach
  • Laas
  • Weidenburg
  • Höfling
  • Mandorf
  • Gentschach
  • Strajach
  • St. Jakob
  • Podlanig

Mountain ranges

  • Karnische Alpen
  • Gailtaler Alpen

Main peaks

  • Hohe Warte (2,780m)
  • Kellerwand-Kellerspitze (2,774m)
  • Kollinkofel (2,691m)
  • Frischenkofel-Cellon (2,238m)
  • Polinik (2,332m)
  • Elferspitz (2,251m)
  • Gamskofel (2,526m)
  • Plenge (2,372m)
  • Mooskofel (2,359m)
  • Kleiner Pal (1,866m)
  • Hoher Trieb (2,199m)
  • Jauken (2,234m)
  • Reißkofel (2,371m)