The well-maintained road from Küblis via Pany is full of bends as it follows the valley of the river “Schanielabach”. Finally, the valley opens up and you reach St. Antönien, nestled in gentle slopes and surrounded by a ring of peaks. St. Antönien is the highest village in the municipality of Luzein and became the first Swiss mountaineering village in 2021.

The church clock hands seem to turn more slowly. It is the calmness, one gains looking at the fascinating mountain scenery and perceiving its inherent tranquillity, that redefines the sense of time. This mountain landscape has also shaped the life of people living in St. Antönien. Since the settlement of the Walsers, agriculture has been practised here in defiance of the natural hazards. The cultural landscape cultivated by our farmers for decades, the characteristic scattered settlement and spectacular natural values such as the Schijenzan (free-standing rock needle), the Plasseggen-Schijenflue (landscape protection area) or the extensive cave system of the Sulzfluh and Schijenflue are landmarks of St. Antönien. Together with the life in the valley, which is characterised by the Walser culture, a world of experience is created that makes St. Antönien unique.

St. Antönien offers an ideal homebase for mountain sports enthusiasts, those seeking peace and quiet as well as nature lovers in all seasons. Whether on skis, bikes, on foot or on the rope, anyone who enjoys being out in nature will get their money’s worth. Mountain sports have a long tradition among locals and guests alike, and St. Antönien’s close ties with nature and down-to-earthness have shaped a nature-oriented tourism since decades.

We hope to see you soon in St. Antönien – behind the moon left, as our slogan says.