There are many day tours from the mountaineering village of Lavin, Guarda & Ardez.

Short and promising

An easy hike that is also suitable for families. The hike starts in Lavin, the destination is the Schellen-Ursli village of Guarda. Short but with good views.

Difficulty: easy
Duration: 1:30 h
Length: 4 km
Ascent approx 255 Hm
Descent: approx 29 Hm

The story of Schellen-Ursli is set in Guarda, in one of the three villages of the mountaineering village. This themed trail brings the story of Schellen-Ursli to life. The ideal hike for families and children.

Difficulty: medium
Duration 1:15 h
Length: 3.5 km
Ascent: approx 280 Hm
Descent: approx 280 Hm

A leisurely hike between the two villages of Guarda and Ardez. In between is the hamlet of Bos-cha, which belongs to Ardez. The hike is also suitable for prams.

Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 1:23 h
Length 4.7 km
Ascent: approx 47 Hm
Descent: approx 274 Hm

A somewhat more demanding hike that starts and ends in Ardez. In the middle is the Chamonna Cler self-catering hut, where you can also spend the night if you book in advance. More information about the Chamonna Cler

Difficulty: medium
Duration: 6:15 h
Length: 15.5 km
Ascent: approx. 1051 Hm
Descent: approx. 1051 Hm