In addition to the shorter hikes, the Lower Engadine is predestined for longer hikes with overnight stays in the various SAC / CAS huts.

Chamonna dal Linard – Fuorcla da Glims – Val Sagliains

A long and demanding hike that starts in Lavin and ends in Lavin. It is recommended to take a break at the Chamonnna dal Linard.

Difficulty: Hard
Duration: 8:00 h
Length: 16.3 km
Ascent: approx. 1389 Hm
Descent: approx. 1421 Hm

The long, varied and panoramic day tour with is also ideal for different overnight accommodation. The ideal place to spend the night is the Chamonna Tuoi at the foot of the Piz Buin.

Difficulty: medium
Duration: 8:45 h
Length: 21 km
Ascent: approx. 1123 Hm
Descent: approx. 1304 Hm

One of the classics in the Lower Engadine, is the hike to the Macun Lakes in Switzerland’s only national park.

Difficulty: Hard
Duration: 8:00 h
Length: 22.9 km
Ascent: approx. 1465 Hm
Descent: approx. 1558 Hm

The Silvretta Historica is a cross-border hike between Switzerland and Austria. It starts in Ardez and leads into the Val Tasna.

Difficulty: Hard
Duration: 8:45 h
Length: 27.1 km
Ascent: approx. 1385 Hm
Descent: approx. 1265 Hm