Geologically, the area of the mountaineering village of Lavin, Guarda & Ardez consists of two parts. The dark-coloured and often rugged rock mountains of crystalline rock are found in the Silvretta area north of Lavin and Guarda. This area is known for its V-shaped north-south valleys. The other part comprises the mountains and valleys north of Ardez, where the gentler forms dominate with a wide openness of the terrain. Among geologists, this area is known as the Lower Engadine Window.

Climbing Garden Ardez

In the Ardez climbing garden, the rocks are compact and suitable for beginners and advanced climbers. The approach is easy because the climbing area is directly on the valley road at the turnoff to Ardez. The easier routes are in the upper part, where you climb a little through the forest up the slope. The passages directly on the road are difficult and spectacular. You can get there by public transport, from Ardez railway station it’s about a 15-minute walk.

Difficulty: various
Alignment: various
Route length: up to 30 m

More information about the climbing garden from Ardez

The starting point is the Chamonna dal Linard CAS. From the hut, follow the hiking trail towards Fuorcla da Glims. At about 2600 m, leave the trail and follow the stone markers and tracks straight ahead. At an altitude of 2900 m you reach a couloir, west of point 2939. Follow the couloir for about 70 metres and then leave it to the right. Over a short step you reach flatter terrain again. Climb up to the most prominent couloir and follow it. The couloir becomes steeper and ends at about 3250 m on the ridge. Over easy rocks to the highest point. More information under:

Difficulty: little
difficult 2a
Duration: 4:00 h
Ascent: approx. 1080 hm
Descent: approx. 1080 hm

Start from Chamonna Tuoi CAS, then follow the tracks in a northerly direction to P. 2517, then in a westerly direction over moraines to Cronsel (P. 2669) and continue following the cairns to Plan Rai. From there, follow the tracks to the right (north) of Plan Mezdi (P. 2918) to the La Cudera glacier. Attention: The area of Fuorcla Buin / Buinlücke must be avoided.
(fall events August 2020). The final ascent on the west flank must be made further north. From Fuorcla Buin, follow the tracks over scree slopes to the left (north-east) up to a small shoulder in the WNW ridge. Now follow this ridge over easy rocks up eastwards until an exposed traverse leads to the left into the N flank to the beginning of the short and easy “Kamin”. Climb up the chimney 20 m (difficulty II-) and then again easily on good tracks over the summit top to the highest point. More information under:

Difficulty: little
difficult 2b
Duration: approx. 8:00 h
Ascent: ca.1060 Hm
Descent: ca.1060 Hm