The Carschina Hut SAC is located at the foot of the Sulzfluh on a rocky hilltop. With its polygonal ground plan and quarry stone walls, it blends inconspicuously into the alpine landscape. It is enthroned at 2236 metres above sea level and, thanks to its easy accessibility, is the ideal starting point for summit stormers and limestone wall enthusiasts, a cosy stopover for long-distance hikers and a rewarding day destination for connoisseurs.

In winter, the hut is unattended; self-catering guests can stay in the winter room (10 places).

The rustic hut was built in 1968 according to the plans of Jakob Eschenmoser, the most important architect of SAC huts in the 20th century. It has room for 80 people. The eight dormitories are equipped with nor­dical duvets and sleep 8 to 18.

On the large sun terrace you can enjoy not only the magnificent panorama, but also homemade cakes and wähen from the wood-burning oven, local alpine cheese and salsiz, fresh golden-brown rösti­varia­tions and delicious cheese slices. In the evening, there is a hearty menu for everyone and, with a bit of luck, the day ends with a magnificent sunset.

  • A rustic hut experience
  • Overnight accommodation in camps with half board, please bring your own sleeping bag.
  • Large sun terrace with views from Piz Kesch to Schesaplana
  • Rich lunch menu
  • Homemade cakes from the wood-fired oven
  • Several bouldering problems and climbing gardens near the hut, also suitable for children
  • On the Prättigau high trail


Carschinahütte (2.236 m)
SAC-Sektion Rätia
Hüttenwartinnen: Kim Sieber & Sonja Lütolf

Carschinafurgga, 7246 St. Antönien

Tel.: +41 79 418 22 80

Geo: N 47°00‘26“, E 9°49‘39“

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