Those who lose themselves in the mountains will find themselves in paradise…

The Alpenrösli Berghaus is located at the end of the St. valley on Alp Partnun and is a popular place to relax in summer and winter. It is well worth stopping in or staying for several days, as delicious barbecues and homemade cakes are tasty and invigorating for the leisure activities in the Rätikon. There is also always something going on musically at the Alpenrösli. The hut team likes things to be cosy.

In 1935, an alpine hut became a summer guesthouse, and from 1972 it also became a winter guesthouse.

The Berhaus Alpenrösli offers rooms and camps for 70 people. A hot tub is also available by appointment and lets you end the day under a thousand star sky.

You can only experience seclusion from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in places like Partnun. The Alpenrösli is one of those oases that you only find when you lose yourself in the mountains …

  • Mountain house with double rooms – dormitory
  • Relaxation in the hot tub
  • Cosiness & conviviality
  • Ski & boot room
  • Starting point for a variety of tours

The Alp Partnun

Partnun has a leisure activity for everyone in summer: Climbers will find many routes of various degrees of difficulty in the magnificent limestone rock, as well as three via ferratas leading up to the Sulzfluh. A path winds its way up to the Sulzfluh caves: Kirchhöhle, Seehöhle, Apollohöhle and all the others. Some of them are also accessible. For those who prefer a more leisurely pace, a boat trip on Lake Partnun or a scooter ride to St. Antönien or on to Küblis will entice you.

In winter, Partnun is only accessible on foot or by ski. Great ski tours can be found in all expositions and with the best snow conditions. It is therefore not surprising that the hosts have relied on ski tourers since the beginning. And even today, the ski touring area of St. Antönien is one of the most popular far­afield. Some of these ski tours also lead across the border into Montafon.

In the past, Partnun was also a transshipment point for smugglers who carried their goods across the nearby border with Austria. The smugglers’ hole would still be a good place to smuggle goods today.

The Alpenrösli would have a lot to tell – perhaps it will tell you about it during your visit.

We look forward to seeing you.


Berghaus Alpenrösli
Markus Zimmerling

Bodaweg 1 / PF 4, 7246 St. Antönien – Partnun

Tel. +41 81 332 12 18

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