For winter sport enthusiasts and lovers of silence.
Even in the cold season, Lungiarü loses none of its charm – quite the reverse. Surrounded by the surreal Dolomite rocks, Lungiarü is a true insider tip for all ski tourers and lovers of nature.

Lungiarü boasts masses of fascinating ski tours, and particularly the northern gullies between the countless pinnacles, in various gradients and difficulties, are a promise of rewarding ski tours in the winter. There is something to suit everyone, from the absolute beginner to the out-and-out professional.

Starting from Muntcörta

Piza de Antersasc 2,471 m

From the car park, climb up the gentle meadows to the forest road. After a short descent, follow the Sommerweg (summer trail) no. 6, on the right, which leads us up to the Antersasc valley.

  • Altitude difference: 1,000 m
  • Time: 4 h

Once we are above the tree line we soon come to the Antersasc alpine pasture, one of the few unspoilt alpine pastures in the Dolomites. When we come to the single stone pine, the tour leads to the right over the southern slopes. At the crest, there are two possibilities:

The descent can either follow the ascent route or, in good snow conditions, over the northern gully.

Capuziner 2,738 m

This tour requires both stamina and skill, and some of the steeper slopes can only be tackled with skis on shoulders. But then again, that’s exactly what makes ski touring such a real, authentic experience.

  • Altitude difference: 1,300 m
  • Time: 4-5 h

The ascent is basically the same as to Piza de Antersasc. Shortly before the ridge, however, you keep to the left and follow the initially relatively level southern slopes towards the summit. In some stretches, you will have to make a slight detour to bypass the rock.

The descent takes you south, initially through a few difficult passages (depending on snow conditions) and then further through the valley to Antersasc Alm Alpine pasture or the ascent trail back.

Piza de Pöz / Östliche Puezspitze 2,913 m

At 2,913 metres in altitude, the Piza de Pöz/ Östliche Puezspitze is the highest peak in the border area of Lungiarü and is, as such, well-nigh a classic for ski tourers. The 360° view of numerous Dolomite peaks is absolutely spectacular.

  • Altitude difference: 1,400 m
  • Zeit: 5-6 h

At the Muntcörta car park we climb up to Antersasc (see the Piza de Antersasc ski tour) and continue on the left-hand slope to the very steep and ever-narrowing passage, which calls for a good hairpin-bend technique.
For the most part, the final few metres have to be tackled with skis on shoulders. At the end of the gully, the tour continues to the right over a small exposed slope to an area of level terrain, from which you can see both the summit and the final ascent.

You can descend either via the ascent route or, alternatively – for experienced skiers – through the northern passage.

Starting from Pares

Forcela dla Roa / Roa-Scharte 2,617 m

The Forcela dla Roa/ Roa Scharte saddle is situated between the Geisler and Puez groups. From Pares, take the forest trail 5A, which is also used as a toboggan run in winter.

  • Altitude difference: 1,000 m
  • Time: 4-5 h

At the first bend to the right, turn left on a steep slope path that leads initially through the forest. At the foot of the northern slopes towards the end of the valley, at the bottom of the Piz Duleda, the route gets a little steeper, and the wide slope up to the saddle calls for a good hairpin-bend technique.

The descent leads down the wide northern slopes of the ascent. The ascent from the Gardena side is also popular.

Piza de Medalges 2,454 m

This tour is also very popular with the locals for a Sunday excursion, as there is usually a relatively low avalanche risk up to 2,100 meters above sea level.

  • Altitude difference: 850 m
  • Time: 3-4 h

You can also get to the Ütia Ciampcios hut (currently only open on Sundays in winter) on foot, snowshoes or toboggan.
From the car park, we take the forest road into the valley. After about 1 km we come to a large boulder and turn right onto trail no. 5. First, we walk through a fairytale larch forest which gives way to pine trees as we get higher up.
The first alpine meadows open out onto a fabulous view of the peaks of the Puezspitze. After passing the Ütia Ciampcios hut we climb up through wide meadows to the Forcela de Furcia/ Kreuzjoch and, from there, continue on to the summit.

The descent follows the same route as the ascent; from the tree line, make your way down along the toboggan run.

Pütia / Peitlerkofel 2,875 m

This challenging tour is recommended only in the best of snow conditions, as the entire south-facing ascent and the Peitler slopes are particularly avalanche prone.

  • Altitude difference: 1,300
  • Time: 4-5 h

We begin our tour through the Val di Morins/ Mühlental, follow trail no. 4B to the saddle and from there the Sommerweg (summer trail) to the beginning of the via ferrata. Keeping to the left, you will get to the Picia Pütia/ Kleine Peitlerkofel easily. Alternatively, you can leave your skis at the entrance and follow the secured wire rope up to the summit.

The descent follows the same route.