The ancestral castle of the Governors of Matsch – today home to the von Trapp family – is the Churburg at the entrance to the valley in Schluderns, and is closely linked with the valley’s history. Built in the 13th century, the Renaissance castle houses an enormous collection of medieval armour.

Churburg 1, 39020 Schluderns
Tel.: +39 0473 615 241

Vintschger Museum

The Vintschger Museum in Schluderns features a permanent “Wasserwosser” exhibition on the natural history characteristics of the “Wasserwaale” – the sophisticated irrigation system which was developed in order for agriculture to be viable in the dry Alpine valley of the Vinschgau.

The social and economic historical phenomenon of the “Schwabenkinder,” the Swabian Children, who were forced to make their way to southern German lands as child labourers due to the poverty of their valley inhabitants. This period lasted for several decades, which are narrated in a moving exhibition.

The findings on the Bronze Age hilltop settlement “Ganglegg,” the former political, economic and religious centre of the Upper Vinschgau, can also be seen in a permanent exhibition. The outdoor area at the Ganglegg, between Schluderns and Matsch, is a half-hour walk from the museum.

Meranerstr. 1, 39020 Schluderns
Tel.: +39 0473 615 590

The town of Glurns

The medieval town of Glurns, with its fully preserved 16th-century city wall and lovingly restored porticoed street, is an architectural treasure.

Marienberg Abbey

The Benedictine Marienberg Abbey in Burgeis (about 10 km away) with its Romanesque frescoes in the crypt is a must for art-history loving mountaineers

Schlinig 1, 39024 Mals
Tel.: +39 0473 843 989

Convent of St. John in Müstair

The UNESCO World Heritage Site on the Swiss side of the Munster Valley is about 20 km away. It was founded by Charlemagne and, with its Carolingian and Romanesque wall paintings, houses the largest and best-preserved fresco cycle from the early Middle Ages.

CH-7537 Müstair
Tel.: +41 (0)81 851 62 28

St. Benedict in Mals

A trip to thise pre-Romanesque church with its 8th century Carolingian frescoes is a journey into the culture of the Vinschgau.

Tel.: +39 0473 831 190 (Mals Information Office)

Climbing hall in Schluderns

AVS Schluderns section
Auenweg 2, 39020 Schluderns

Sportwell in Mals

Indoor swimming pool, sauna, tennis and fitness centre

Glurnserstr. 7, 39024 Mals
Tel.: +39 0473 831 590

Matsch Felting Club

If you want to stay in Matsch and are interested in felting, two women farmers enjoy giving felting lessons and demonstrating the endless potential that the versatility of wool offers.

For appointments:
Veronika +39 338 643 69 16 oder Lisa +39 340 802 60 66

The farming women also have a small depot with felted slippers, hats, bags and much more.