Our little general store is located in the village centre and for three generations has been in the hands of the same family –Anneliese has owned and managed the shop since 2002.

In addition to the staples, our priority is to ensure that both locals and all visitors to our mountaineering village can find fresh bread, fruit, vegetables, sausage and cheese every day.

  • Right in the village centre

Opening hours:

  • Monday to Saturday:
    8 am to 12 pm and
    3 pm to 7 pm
  • Closed on Thursday afternoon and Sunday

Sandwiches and the time for a chat are, needless to say, also on hand.

If you want to climb and explore our mountains, we also offer a small selection of hiking maps, and stock a selection of products if you want a little reminder of our beautiful mountaineering village.


Minimarket d. Ferdigg Anneliese
Anneliese Ferdigg

S. Lizia 141, I-39030 Lungiarü

Tel. +39 0474 523 312