Restaurant and Pizzeria
The best dishes are always the simple ones!

That’s why here at Pizzeria Fornata we use classic recipes, prepared with love and care, and served in the stylish dining room, on the friendly veranda or on the sunny, south-facing terrace in summer.

  • breakfast, lunch, dinner
  • 150 m to bus stopp
  • free Wifi

You can enjoy fabulous views of the alpine landscape with the stunning peaks of the Puez and Geisler group here. Mouthwatering combinations as well as top-quality, fresh local give our pizzas their taste, set off by the historic atmosphere of Lungiarü/ Campill and the magical mountain scenery of the Gadertal Dolomites.

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Bar Pizzeria Restaurant Fornata
Giorgio Moling

S. Lizia 119, I-39030 Lungiarü
Tel.: +39 0474 590 015