The museum in Seres provides information about the work and life of the farmers of old. You can see old tools and objects that tell the story of a heritage farm. Visitors can learn about the annual cycle of the peasant work of yesterday and the changes in agriculture today due to technical innovations.

Opening hous:

  • Wednesday (May – October): 10 till 12 o’clock
  • Every Sunday: by appointment

Visits by appointment only.


  • Adults: 5 €
  • Children & teenagers from 7 to 15 years: 3 €
  • Young children up to 6 years: free

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Farm museum „Lüch de Oriana“
Hubert Clara

Seres-Miscí 20, I-39030 Lungiarü

Tel.: +39 0474 590 161
Mobile: +39 331 215 75 91