Bouldering in the beautiful cirque "Blaueiskar"

The area around the Blaueishütte is not only a playground for alpine climbers and mountaineers. The spot is as well extremely famous for its fantastic boulerding opportunities!

The seemingly endless amount of blocks are a result of a large rockslide from the summit of the Hochkalter in 1908. A total amount of about 250.000 cubic meters of rock were diposited in the cirque and along the slope towards the Hintersee.

Starting in the 1990ies, it was Klem Loskot (a local climber from Salzburg) and his buddies that discovered this area for bouldering. And even still today you can still find new lines and problems.

Thanks to the high elevation and the position in a north facing cirque, the bouldering area is perfectly suited for hot summer days. As the approach to the Blaueishütte is fairly long, it is highly advised to spend a couple days at the hut in order to benefit of the area as much as possible.

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