The lake "Hintersee" - a monument of landscape evolution

Around 3500 years ago, a large rock slide with a volume of about 15 million m³ was triggered in the Hochkalter mountain range. The debris was deposited in the Klausbach valley, where it acutally formed a dam for the Klausbach river: the so called “Hintersee” was born.

If you want to know more about the landscape evolution and the rock slide, take a walk through the “Zauberwald” (Magic Forest)!

Due to its crystal clear water the Hintersee has become one of the most popular destinations when visiting Ramsau. In times when cellphone cameras and selfies were not yet invented, the Hintersee was a very famous spot for artists and painters. Already 100 years ago, famous local painters gathered at the “Malerklause”, not far from the restaurant “Auzinger”, in order to create paintings of the lake.

During the winter months a beautiful hike takes you into the Klausbach Valley to a feeding ground for deer.
In the summer months a National Parc ranger takes you up into the mountains with a specific goal: spot the mighty eagle.

But also, if you just wan to take on some hiking trips on your own, Hintersee is a perfect starting-point. Trailheads into the National Parc, to traditional farming huts and alpine peaks start right at the lake.